Nudging by Design is an innovation project funded by the Money Advice Trust, building on our work with housing associations to develop new ways of helping residents tackle debt and take control of their finances.


A lot of work to date in financial inclusion has focused on the advice process and importance of the interactions between debt advisers and their clients.

We aim to complement this by designing physical materials that can enhance these interactions, helping residents tackle debt and improve their finances.

We’re looking across the whole process from seeking help and making an appointment, to offering recommendations.


We’ve developed 6 new tools/materials building on behavioural insight which have been distributed to money advisers and financial inclusion officers across 5 Housing Associations. These include: action cards, which can be used in debt advice meetings or sent to a customer with an advice letter; case study films, which can be sent before a first appointment; and a text message script to help advisers manage the texts they send to customers more effectively.

Advisers are currently trialling their use within their existing services, analysing their effectiveness in adding to the debt advice process.


This year long project will be completed in Spring 2017 and we intend to make the materials we create freely available to the whole debt advice sector.

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