We’re working with the Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production in Germany to help NGOs build their behaviour change skills. This global project will run until 2019 and is funded by the KR Foundation.

New project

As we transition towards a low carbon society, significant change will be required. Within that, sustainable behaviour change has a major role to play and the thought leadership of NGOs will be critical.

The Academy of Change is a new programme to support 50 high potentials working on climate change and sustainability within the NGO sector globally. It will offer a unique professional development journey to help build skills in enabling more sustainable behaviour among citizens, incorporating evidence-based knowledge about the underpinnings of behaviour and behavioural theory.

The programme is free and will include training, webinars, coaching and networking opportunities with the other academy participants and high-level stakeholders. By tackling the drivers of behaviour in a systemic and holistic manner, the Academy of Change will support professionals within NGOs to become more strategic when reaching out to their target groups and generate greater impact with their activities and campaigns, accelerating change in the sustainable behaviours and lifestyles that really matter.

Call for applications is now open and more info is available on the website.

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