Behaviour Change is a not-for-profit social enterprise, founded in 2009. We create social and environmental change, with big ideas grounded in behavioural science. Since January 2022, we have partnered with climate action charity WRAP to tackle the resource use that feeds climate change.

    Who we work with

  1. Businesses seeking a positive impact

    We work with like-minded businesses on social and environmental issues where a behaviour change is required. This ranges from facilitating workshops to developing full scale behaviour change intervention projects, from research and strategy to on-the-ground delivery.

  2. Government and charities who want to achieve a behavioural goal

    We develop interventions to help tackle some of society’s biggest problems, working with central and local government and charities large and small.

  3. Foundations to further the causes they support

    We work with funders to design, build and test innovative interventions to address social and environmental challenges in the UK and overseas.

What we do

Social and Environmental Change

We only deliver projects which have a positive impact on the world. Our work covers a diverse and expanding range of topics

Deep Insight

We believe that deep insight into people’s everyday lives, combined with the application of behavioural theory, is crucial to solving real world problems

Test & learn

We bring practical thinking and a test and learn approach to deliver scalable interventions that make a real difference on the ground

We provide an end-to-end service that includes:

Designing in evaluation

Making sure data capture is central to intervention design, not an afterthought

Our unique process

Tried and tested through a decade of experience in delivering behaviour change

Creative ideas

Behaviour change as an art as well as a science

Our Team

Our Board

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