Workshops offer an ideal opportunity to apply a toolbox of behavioural theory to a behaviour change challenge.

These half or full day sessions provide a focal point to the ‘intervention’ phase of many of our projects and we use them to:

  • Consolidate our thinking about the people whose behaviour we are trying to change and what we want them to do differently
  • Bring a range of behavioural techniques to bear on a problem
  • Foster collaboration, bring stakeholders together and ensure solutions are co-owned
  • Make rapid progress towards practical project design
  • Get creative

For smaller budgets or where a client wishes to test out the role behavioural thinking could play in their work, a short sharp project focused around a workshop can be a great way of making inroads into a problem in a short space of time.

We can also bring a behavioural perspective into workshop sessions that have a broader theme.

Our office is an ideal location for workshops of up to 8 participants.

Clients we’ve facilitated workshops for include:

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  • britishcyclingcmyk
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  • lfhw-2
  • sd-logo
  • mat
  • smart-energy-gb-logo
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